APPKIN Services

We provide optimized services to achieve our goals through the best solutions and networks.

Many competitive and successful advertisers and partners are choosing APPIN.

Target Matketing

Provide an advertising campaign that is tailored to suit the characteristics and preferences of each campaign.

From the implementation of various formats, ranging from NCPI, CPC, CPM, and CPV, to the characteristics of the campaigns such as Display ADs, Native ADs, and Press, we provide essential services for the best investment.

AD Network

We offer the most efficient and optimized channel and inventory services through our partnership with leading AD-Network and DSP/SSP and our global platforms.


APPKIN is building the next generation of mobile automation tools for global brands and marketers.

there is Maximize campaign performance with a superior, accurate tracking system and anti-duplication technology.


APPKIN suggest about the most efficient strategies and suggestions, and come up with the best solutions as a mobile professional marketing service provider, we considers the most creative, innovative strategies and suggestions based on Big Data to meet the goals of your campaign.


It select and optimize the best users by analyzing and selecting data collected and media data.

Use APPKIN analysis systems and big data to achieve higher efficiency and goals faster.

Publishers Monetization

there are Highest campaign volume and optimized revenue-marketing tools drive high margins.

AD Networks
Through partnering with various AD networks and agencies at home and abroad, we maximize our profits with a highly efficient and sophisticated campaign.
Multiple Platform
In addition to Android and IOS, we also offer marketing tools to respond to various platforms and inventory from APP/Mobile web.
Innovation formats
It provides pleasure to the users in the form of interesting advertisements with minimal inconvenience.
Meet the New high quality APPKIN Marketing Tool.

We have everything you need.

We are the 1 stop-shop for anything you need for your Apps and Games.